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Show, News and Events for 2024
The Italian Greyhound Club usually holds three shows each year:
The Club Spring Open Show
- The Summer Championship Show - The Autumn Open Show
(Our shows are a great place for members to catch up with the latest IG news, and for anyone interested
in Italian Greyhounds to come and see them in the ring, meet them in person and talk to experienced breeders and owners. We hope to see you - everyone is welcome!
Click for some photos/results from Crufts 2024!
with Italian Greyhound classes!
Judge: Petula Humphrey (Gloynbyw) Group: Martin Frostick (Marlukney)
Postal Entries by Tuesday 28th of May, (postmark) and on-line by Sunday 2nd June

Saturday 13th July the Summer Championship Show
at Yelvertoft Village Hall NN6 6LJ.
Entries Closing Date: 28/06/2024
Judge: Mr Derfel Owen, Toy group specialist.
Please also support our special award classes as these classes help our up and coming judges in the breed. This year's Special Award Class judge is breed specialist MISS CHRISTINE CHAU! There will be a special practice Baby puppy class (4-6 months) on the day so please bring along any babies and we can hold a baby practice during the lunch break!
Note also: We are bringing back our Champions parade so please bring all your wonderful champions to “show them off”, both new and old!
Refreshments are available but please book in advance so we know the approx. numbers - or book on the day on arrival! Tea, coffee and cold drinks are always available!
To enter please go online at: www.haveadogday.co.uk/Show
(A few schedules are available from Mrs G. Bird email: gdbird63@gmail.com)

NOTE: The IG Club sponsors two Open Shows a year.
Both sponsorships are available for 2025. Applications to Gay Bird, Hon Sec please!

NEW! Some important links for our judges:
Become a judge:
Apply using the above link to become an Italian Greyhound judge.
We are accepting applications to join our judging list and we select all our judges for our open shows from our club lists.
Update judging details: judgeitaliangreyhounds.uk/update-judging-experience/
Please update your judging experience using the link above. (Only use this form if you are already on the Italian Greyhound Club Judging List to ensure all your details are up to date.)
Submit a critique: judgeitaliangreyhounds.uk/submit-critiques/
(At championship and open breed club shows it is mandatory that judges provide a written critique for the first two placings in each class. These must be submitted to the weekly dog paper. There are some helpful links on the above page.)

Read about the breed record holders (Click on the little picture!)

Congratulations to Becky Henly on Turigner Thunderbolt JW
for achieving the new breed record with 33 CC's!!!

Previous Shows and Events:

with Italian Greyhound classes!
Judge: Amanda Ellis (Eastonite) Group: Ellie Mordecai (Millhill)
Postal Entries by 13th of May,
(postmark) and on-line by Sunday 19th of May

with Italian Greyhound classes!
Judge: Gilian Obringer (Chiaffie)
Ripon Racecourse, Boroughbridge Road, (B6265), Ripon, North Yorkshire. HG4 1UG
Sunday the 2nd of June

Saturday 13th April 2024 and our Breed Appreciation Day was sold out!
If you would like to be notified of our next BAD, please complete the online form here: judgeitaliangreyhounds.uk/bad or email info@judgeitaliangreyhounds.uk
Breed talk and hands-on assessment: £20 per person
Breed talk and hands-on assessment plus MCE (required as part of JEP Level 2):
£25 per person with lunch included!
email: info@judgeitaliangreyhounds.uk for more information.

with Italian Greyhound classes!
Judge: Nicholas Farrugla (Cholas) Group: Evan Ryan (Cavallibrook/Feorlig)

7th - 10th March 2024: Discover Dogs at CRUFTS
7th March: Italian Greyhounds at CRUFTS
Judge: Charlotte Boyle (Berinshill)
Click for some 2024 photos/results

4th of November 2023 The Italian Greyhound Club Open Show Judge: David Willcock

West Bromwhich and Wednesbury Canine Society
Saturday 30th September 2023

The Italian Greyhound Club CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW
on Saturday the 15th of July 2023

Judge: Ben Reynolds-Frost (Sin)
Special Awards Judge: Mr Chris Thomas (Kingrock)

IGstravaganza held on the 18th of June
Celebrating the 20th Birthday of the IGRC - join us and learn more about this ancient breed and celebrate all things Italian Greyhounds!
Click here for more

See some results from Crufts 2023 HERE

Saturday 25th March 2023 AGM & Open Show, Staffordshire County Showground ST18 0BD
Judge: Lynn Crane
and also The Annual General Meeting of the Italian Greyhound Club
after the Ch Show classes at Staffordshire County Showground ST18 0BD
See the Open show March 25th 2023 RESULTS here.

9th - 12th March 2023 Discover Dogs at CRUFTS
Sunday 12th March 2023 Italian Greyhounds at CRUFTS Judge: Russell Hodges
See some photos and results

The Italian Greyhound Club Autumn Open Show 2022
Saturday 12th November
Location: Yelvertoft Village Hall, Lilbourne Rd, Yelvertoft, Northampton NN6 6LJ.
Judge Jan Fiers (Lokaren) www.ijudgedogs.co.uk/judgeinfo.php
See the Open show main winners

Breed Appreciation Day15th October 2022
Location: Yelvertoft Village Hall, Lilbourne Rd, Yelvertoft, Northampton NN6 6LJ.
Speaker: Miss Helen Lister

The aim of the day is to educate individuals interested in the breed, whether they are exhibitors, aspiring judges or breeders, and provide them with the information to make informed decisions to preserve and safeguard the breed.
To test a candidate’s knowledge of the Breed Standard via a Multiple-choice Breed Standard Exam.
To give candidates the opportunity to have ‘hands on’ dogs in the company of a breed specialist.
A VERY interesting day devoted to our lovely breed!
The Summer Championship Show July 16th 2022
Show Venue: Yelvertoft Village Hall, Lilbourne Road, Yelvertoft, Northants, NN6 6LJ
Judge: Kevin Thoday (Yadoht) judge for the stakes classes: Gillian Taylor
See the results and some show photos here:
Mick Wass, a professional photographer came and took over a 1000 photos!
Have a browse here to see all: mickwassphotography.smugmug.com/Italian-Greyhounds-/
Mick's prices are: Digital photos from £1 per photo - Printed photos from £2.50 for 5x7 (other sizes available)
Canvas wall pictures, mugs, key rings, luggage tags and more available to order via the website.


The Annual General Meeting of the Italian Greyhound Club Saturday March 19th
at Yelvertoft Village Hall, NN6 6LJ
- AND on the same day:
The Spring Open Show
March 19th
Venue: Yelvertoft Village Hall, NN6 6LJ Judge Dr Rachael Benstead (Itibi)
See the full invitation/IG Open Show Schedule 2022 here!

10th – 13th March 2022 Discover Dogs at CRUFTS and
Saturday 12th March Italian Greyhounds.
Judge Espen Engh

Discover Dogs at the ExCel Centre November 2022
The Italian Greyhound Club's Stand was a big success and very popular!
Here is a link to some photos from the weekend Photographer Simon Bulpin.

The Autumn Open Show 2021 November 13th
Click here to see some photos from the show.

See the results and photos from
The Championship Show 17th July 2021 at Yelvertoft Village Hall

Click below to open the page:
Championship Show 2021

The Annual General Meeting 2021
of the Italian Greyhound Club was held before the start of the Championship show on
Saturday 17th of July at 9.30am

A show cancellation
Due to the pandemic, The Italian Greyhound Club Committee had to make the difficult decision to cancel
The Championship Show due to be held on May 1st 2021
We would like to say how sorry we are to everyone, not least to our Judge, Breed Specialist, Mrs Sue Dunning.
We were however, able to hold our second Championship Show on July 17th as planned, see above.
The IGC Committee
Previous show results
IG Club Open Show Results:
November 13th 2021
Judge: Mr Simon Burton
March 14th 2020
Judge: Dr Jill Mellis
March 2nd 2019
Judge: Mrs Claire Rishworth
November 2nd 2019 Judge: Mr Nigel Marsh
March 3rd 2018
Judge: Mr Rob Wheeler
November 11th 2018 Judge: Mrs Julie Sparrow
March 4th 2017 Judge: Mrs Mary Knight
November 11th 2017 Judge: Mr Gavin Robertson
March 5th 2016 Judge: Mr Cesar Cortes (Londoncor)
November 12th 2016 Judge: Mrs Ann MacDonald

IG Club Championship Show Results:
Championship Show May 1st 2021
- CANCELLED due to Covid
IG Club Championship Show 17th July 2021
Judge Mrs Lynn Wester
July 6th 2019
Judge: Dr Russell Hodges
July 7th 2018 Judge: Mr Tony Allcock
July 15th 2017 Judge: Mrs Yvonne Sibley
July 15th 2016 Judge: Mr Andreas Scheme
Note: The 2020 Championship Show and November Open Show 2020 both had to be cancelled due to Covid19. The UK went into lockdown the week after the March 2020 show.
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